Command Line tools

inicheck on the command line can greatly speed up debugging of config files and provide simple ways of getting information. In all inicheck CLI tools master config arguments are exchangeable with a python module who has inicheck files installed. For more project related info visit inichecks For a Project.

1. You can access config options by requesting details using the master file or a module name (see For a project).

$ inicheck --details project --master_files examples/master.ini

  Section         Item            Default         Options                   Description
project         project_path    None            []                        specifies the project directory path
project         logo_source     None            []                        path to the png for the logo_source
project         website         None            []                        website domain

2. inicheck can also show which recipes were applied using while checking the file.

$ inicheck -f gui_config.ini --master_files examples/master.ini --recipes

Below are the recipes applied to the config file:
Recipes Summary:

            trigger_1            settings, user_settings, any
            trigger_2            user_profile, any, any

            settings             autosave             True
            settings             volume               1
            settings             graphics_quality     medium
  1. inicheck can also show which values are non default values.
$ inicheck -f gui_config.ini --master_files examples/master.ini --non-defaults

Configuration File Non-Defaults Report:
The following are all the items that had non-defaults values specified.

Section              Item                 Value                                    Default
settings             volume               1                                        3
settings             graphics_quality     medium                                   low
settings             user_settings        True                                     False

4. inicheck also has a differencing script for checking how a config file is different from another or different from the master config.

$ inidiff -f ../examples/gui* -mf ../examples/master.ini

Checking the differences...

CFG 1               /home/micahjohnson/projects/inicheck/examples/gui2.ini
CFG 2               /home/micahjohnson/projects/inicheck/examples/gui_config.ini

Section             Item                          CFG 1                         CFG 2                         Default
settings            volume                        1                             1                             3
settings            graphics_quality              medium                        medium                        low
settings            user_settings                 True                          True                          False
settings            end_test                      2016-10-03 00:00:00           2016-10-01 00:00:00           None

Total items checked: 15
Total Non-default values: 6
Total config mismatches: 1

5. For projects that utilize config files from other projects which may have changelogs, inicheck has a script to find instances of deprecated config items in python files and report the impact. For example, if project A utilizes project B’s config file and project B’s has a changelog. In this scenario you can use the following to search python code in project A’s repo to determine any necessary updates. This could also be used to find changes in the same repo the changelog lives in.

$ inichangefind ./repo_A --modules module_B

Searching ./repo_A for any deprecated config file sections/items in any python files...

Suggested Change                        Affected File                   Line Numbers
gridded/n_forecast_hours --> Removed    ./repo_A/framework/   121
gridded/file --> gridded/wrf_file       ./repo_A/             189
topo/type --> Removed                   ./repo_A/topo/             277